Exklusive EDITION

Exclusive football tables from Upper Austria


Football tables by Bankhamer from Upper Austria are a highlight for every room, regardless of whether they stand in a company building or at home. They are designed according to your personal taste, by request also your Corporate Branding is included. The EXCLUSIVE EDITION is already regularly equipped with a solid aluminium bearing case, aluminium handles with leather as well as patented goal counters with a TIP-ON-system. It can be combined with surfaces such as black anodic coating, natural anodic coating or bright chrome coating. You can freely choose the design of the corpus, the playing field sheets and the colours of the table – just as you like. Our tailor-made program also makes allowances for unusual wishes.



The base frame of our noble football tables is executed in MDF. The inside of the base frame is white, grey or black, matte laminate. The inside of the table legs is white or black, matte laminate.

In the EXCLUSIVE EDITION the cladding of the table legs, the board and the sides is executed in MDF. However, the lacquering can be done in individual colours – to fit your expectations. Optionally, a surface designed in real wood, Corian or multicoloured tin is possible.

For our business clients, the branding of the football table is of great interest. This can be designed according to a client’s expectation – logos or special font types of a company can be incorporated into the table leg cladding.


For real kickers, the look of the playing field is of high importance. This can be designed according to a client’s expectations. The playing surface is made of toughened genuine glass, sand-blasted or clear. The playing field framing is underside lacquered in those colours the customer chooses.

The playing figures of our football tables are made of white synthetic material and they are directly potted to the rods. You can choose between different colours: red, white, blue, light grey, yellow, brown, beige, orange, black, dark red, dark yellow, light blue, green or magenta.

Optionally, the playing figures can be designed in solid aluminium, combined with black anodic coating, natural anodic coating, bright chrome coating or real wood.


The handles of our football tables are made of solid aluminium, the surface is done in natural anodic coating or black anodic coating. Moreover, the handles are covered with real leather – choose your favourite leather colour for the handles and the décor seam from our assortment.

In the EXCLUSIVE EDITION, the bearing cases are made of solid aluminium, the surface is done in natural or black anodised coating.

The rod bearings are high-tech ball bearings with a low-friction bearing system and 19 highly polished steel balls.

In the EXCLUSIVE EDITION, the goal counters are patent-protected and done in TIP-ON format. The print elements are executed in solid aluminium, the surfaces are done in natural or black anodised coating.


With our Tailor Made Program, we can make allowances for unusual customer wishes. We are happy to deal with special requests such as the illumination of the playing field and the logo, extendable drink holders, special leather and décor seams for the handles as well as personal engravings.