Exclusive billiard tables from Upper Austria


During the design and manufacturing process, we lie our focus on individuality as well as the exclusive use of regional components, whenever possible. This production method enables you as a customer to directly influence the choice of materials and colours.


from € 23.980.00 *


The substructure of the table is made of an alloy of aluminium and multiplex; however, the majority of items are tailor made.


The to a deci-millimetre CNC-processed items enable the alloys to fit together perfectly. Therefore, the G.T. – DESIGN shines in a unique connection of design and perfect precision. The elaborate automatic level system with a pressure point workload of 150 kg per setscrew provides for an unprecedented stability of the billiard table.

Due to the combination of construction and precision, playing at the billiard table G.T. – DESIGN feels like playing at a top-class tournament billiard table.

You should pay particular attention to the glass table leg construction because here you have the possibility to influence the colour design. By request, also a specific logo can be included individually.


The billiard table G.T. – DESIGN is available in all worldwide established sizes (7-feet, 8-feet and 9-feet). This variety gives you the chance to find the perfect product for you – depending on how much space you have available.

It goes without saying that at our company we use a table’s cloth by the brand leader Simonis and the German producer Z9. You can even choose from a wide range of colours.

Optionally, we are happy to create an individual accessory pack geared to your needs, including high-quality billiard cues, balls, a triangle and chalk.



7-feet: playing field: 200 x 100 cm

8-feet: playing field: 224 x 112 cm

9-feet: playing field: 254 x 127 cm


Your options at a glance:

-        involvement in the style of the table legs and possibility of including a logo

-        colour appearance at the side panels and banks

-        table’s cloth by a brand leader (Simonis or Z9) in your preferred colour

-        3-pieces cover panel

-        worldwide unparalleled protective undercoating, which makes the substructure invisible

-        accessory packs (billiard cues, balls, triangle, chalk, cue-holder etc.)


Production details of the G.T. – DESIGN:

-        unique combination of construction and precision

-        playing conditions of a tournament billiard table

-        tailor-made components due to CNC-processing

-        individually designed and manufactured parts out of a 3D-printer

-        elaborate automatic level system with a pressure point workload of 150 kg

-        exclusive use of components produced in the German-speaking area only

-        Artemis-rubbers with a K66-profile

-        3-pieces slate plate 30 mm (7- and 8-feet each 20 mm)


Delivery time:

As the billiard table G.T. – DESIGN is exclusively manufactured on commission, a production time of about eight weeks should be factored in.