Indoor goes OUTDOOR


A high-quality design football table in a noble and weatherproof version. Our SMART EDITION is a unique liasion of aluminium, genuine glass and natural oak. Handles, crash slopes and bearing cases present themselves in innovative 3D printing technology.


Base frame, cladding & branding

The powder-coated aluminium corpus can, according to a client’s wish, be designed in every particular colour. The oiled oak table legs top off the light-footed and elegant design.


For real kickers, the look of the playing field is of high importance. This can be designed according to a client’s expectations. The playing surface is made of laminated glass, silky-matte or clear.

The playing figures of our football tables are made of synthetic material and they are directly potted to the rods. There is a selection of colours available: white, light grey, black.

Handles, bearing cases & goal counter

The handles are produced with an innovative 3D printing technology and they present themselves in a puristic hole-design look.

The bearing cases are also produced with an innovative 3D printing technology.

The rod bearings are high-tech ball bearings with a low-friction bearing system and 19 highly polished steel balls.

The goal counters are in a sliding system and integrated in the rebound wall.

Tailor Made

With our Tailor Made Program, we can make allowances for unusual customer wishes.

Examples: special colours for the design of the corpus, personalised handles and rebound walls with integrated logo or playing figures according to your personal taste.