Individual EDITION

Design football tables from Upper Austria


The INDIVIDUAL EDITION enables you to create your personal design football table. Form your individual football table according to your personal taste – we assist you and we put your ideas into practice. Design the frame and the cladding as you like, choose your individual playing field sheet, the playing figures in your favourite colour as well as the tailor-made extras, you have always wished for. As experienced designers with an office in Upper Austria, we are flexible to cater for your specific needs.


The creation of the base frame is based on the basic dimensions of a playing field, the cladding and the branding according to your specifications.

Constructed for 4 players, 8 players or more, made of solid wood, veneered or lacquered – we follow your wishes.

Make your football table extraordinary and suitable for your company by including your branding. We are happy to include your company logo, individual fonts or other branding ideas.


The look of your personal playing field is of high importance. We show you a selection of our playing fields. You can either choose from our selection or we can create a new playing field, completely according to your taste.

You can freely choose the type of your playing figures, whether they are made of classic synthetic material, noble solid aluminium or natural wood.


The handles of our football tables are made of solid aluminium as standard, the surface is done in natural anodic coating or black anodic coating. In addition, they are covered with real leather and décor seams. Do you prefer other handles? Let’s talk about it.

We can design the bearing cases either in black synthetic material or in solid aluminium with natural or black anodised coating. The rod bearings are high-tech ball bearings with a low-friction bearing system and 19 highly polished steel balls.

In the INDIVIDUAL EDITION, the goal counters are completely optional. You can choose from goal counters which are surface-mounted on the corpus and you can opt for your favourite colour. Or you can decide for our patent-protected TIP-ON format with print elements executed in solid aluminium or wood.