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Just for the fun of it

Back when we were kids, we loved to play and compete with friends, forgetting everything around. Even today, the child within us still is the driving force motivating us to achive top performance.

This is the reason why we create our unparalleled, high-end table football tables. Innovative design combined with noble materials meets high quality craftmanship. Every table offers unique characteristics. Our customers can choose between three different editions. The „premium edition“ includes plastic bearings and aluminium handles. The „exclusive edition“ comes with aluminium bearings, aluminium handles covered with leather and a patented aluminum counter. Real concrete and natural wood enter an extraordinary liason for the „limited edition“ table. The table, limited to 33 pieces, includes genuine leather covering the aluminium handles as well as the playing field. Bankhamer tables are the design highlight in every home and a social meeting spot in offices and sales rooms.